Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 7:04 AM
Subject: Wine at Orangewood Consulting - 19 - Newsflashes


To our Wine Aficionados,


No sooner do I get a Newsletter out, than a couple of noteworthy items show up.

            Event – Wine Tasting at Cave Creek Coffee Company

            New Customer – Nello’s in Tempe


The remaining content of this newsletter covers those two items.


Events - Wine Tasting

Cave Creek Coffee Company - 6022 East Cave Creek Road

I had described how Laurie and I visited the Cave Creek Coffee Company last Friday.  We tried the Noceto Frivolo, and apparently we weren’t the only ones.  On Sunday David sent me an email begging for another case.  They had blown through nearly the whole case in less than a week.  CCCC also asked us to support a wine tasting.  Anita runs the tastings and signed me up for next Thursday, May 30.  In addition to the Frivolo, I am proposing to taste the Noceto Sangiovese and the RustRidge Zinfandel.  The tasting runs from 6 – 8 or so.  I expect that there is a tasting fee, but it’s darn well worth it!  It’s a nice place – we hope some of you can make it.


Restaurants – New Location

Nello’s - 1806 East Southern Avenue

(NE corner of Southern and McClintock)

On Monday I got a call from a guy called “Geno” who told me he was at Nello’s.  A customer had visited the Noceto Winery – enjoyed the wines, noticed the Scottsdale Culinary Festival poster and asked about it.  Now Geno was interested in tasting these wines.  I went to Tempe the next day with both of the Noceto Sangiovesi.  Geno is the owner of Nello’s – 1 (the other three Nello’s are run by his three brothers.)  Dick, the guy who had been at Noceto and recommended the wine, was there.  He is more of an unpaid wine consultant/drinking buddy of Geno than a customer.  Tasting there would be better called drinking.  Three of us did serious damage to the two bottles.  The bottom line is: Geno bought two cases of the Normale and some RustRidge Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel (without tasting).

For those of you who don’t know, Nello’s is a gourmet pizza establishment.  The Tempe location is the original one and looks like a college hangout.  Dress code is all over the map - business formal to college dropout.  The pizza is Chicago style.  My impression is that quality and service are the priorities.  Low margins keep the place busy and, hence, profitable.  See for menu, locations and a coupon.  They compete for top honors for Phoenix best.  See   

Are the wines available there yet?  Yes - at the Tempe location only – but you have to ask for them.  Geno is there most nights and will likely be called in to help.  They have them by the bottle or glass at close to retail (rather than restaurant) prices.  They also have a license to sell wine to take out with prices lower yet.  If you have 10 – 15 minutes you can ask him why the place is called “Nello’s” rather than “Geno’s”.  I recommend that you have your drink in hand before asking the question.



Even though it has been less than a week since the last newsletter I have received some feedback.  Thank you for taking the time.




Richard and Laurie