C. Richard Corles

Professional Experience

Management of Software Product Development of
Process computer control systems
Real time operating systems
Distributed Control System architecture
Cell controller
Plant historian
Batch supervisory controller

Product Definition of
Advanced control/operator interface minicomputer for continuous control
Cell controller for use in discrete manufacturing industry
Batch supervisory controller for use in pharmaceutical industry
Process plant historian including collection, archiving, retrieval and analysis
Proposals for future architectures

Leadership of alliances with large and small companies.
Support of assessment of companies targeted for acquisition.

On site management of teams in England, Belgium, Pennsylvania, Arizona
Remote coordination of sites in Scotland, Belgium, Japan, India, Canada, USA

Orangewood Consulting, 1998 - present
Honeywell Industrial Control
English Electric Company, Ltd. (now part of General Electric Company, Ltd.)


M.Sc., Control Engineering, Hatfield Polytechnical College, England
B.Sc., Mathematics, University of Liverpool, England


"An Investigation of Regions of Attraction as a Basis for Global Optimisation", Master's Thesis (1974)
"The Use of Regions of Attraction to Identify Global Minima". Paper included in Towards Global Optimisation, edited by L.C.W. Dixon and G.P. Szegö; North-Holland Publishing Company (1975)

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