Software Product Development Services

Development Assessment

Orangewood Consulting works with Senior Management, Venture Capitalists or Customers to determine the effectiveness of the target product software development process.  By interviewing selected individuals in depth within and around the development team, an assessment is generated that identifies how products are defined and developed.

Product Review

Orangewood Consulting assists the responsible development team to review the functional and architectural design of a product.

Product Definition

Orangewood Consulting can develop a functional and architectural design for a new or evolving product.  Working with the product development team, including management, marketing and potential customers, Orangewood Consulting defines the key elements of the product and partitions the architecture in preparation for implementation.

Temporary Management

Orangewood Consulting is able to fill a management position on a temporary basis, to provide leadership of people, product development and project management while a permanent candidate is being identified.

Project Management

Orangewood Consulting can provide project management for software and system development or for installation and start up.

Meeting Facilitation

Orangewood Consulting provides meeting design and facilitation skills to apply to important meetings.  Product reviews, brainstorming meetings, customer review meetings are all of critical importance and need the best planning and execution possible.

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